Fashionly - A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

This theme created for fashion blog, magazine, newsletter. Color pallete is black & white because It gives more attention for thumbnails, images and text. Typography is very important thing in this theme and you can see 3 fonts for Headlines, system text and text for reading.

Thank you for purchasing my product! If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me via contact form on my portfolio page or via mail:

1. Upload WP theme file —


2. Activation theme.


3. For right work theme you should install all requires and recommends plugins.


4. Activate all plugins.


5. All theme options you can find here:

You can edit some fields in this theme:

  1. Add logo image.
  2. Edit website name (in header).
  3. Edit name of featured posts below header.
  4. Add your social accounts (in header and in Social links widget)
  5. Edit footer "Copyright" info.


You can use any loyouts (with featured area, full-width) pages & posts.

Fashionly theme has 2 fields for widgets: sidebar and footer.

Sidebar is so simple for adding widgets.

You have to know that footer has 4 sections for widgets above and 1 section below.

Fashionly theme looks better when you will follow some criterias:

  1. Footer below section have to use only for "Instagram feed" widget with some styles (no paddings, 6 columns).
  2. Footer above 4 sections looks better when this sections have the same height or differ slightly.
The recomendations above help you to understand how you can use fields for widgets

You can use Demo content for understanding how use fashionly theme:

  1. Go to Tools -> Import and install WordPress Importer plugin
  2. Activate and run Importer
  3. Choose 'fashionly-demo-content.xml' file and click "Upload file and import"
  4. Check "Download and import file attachments" checkbox and click "Submit"



And now visit your website with demo content like here —

Hope you understand all steps and if you have some questions just ask me at sidebar —


Thanks for you choise!